Self-Improvement Explained In Fewer than 100 words

we’ve all heard of it and some of us embrace it, let’s get to whats important here, what is Self-Improvement?

Self-Improvement is a mindset about bettering oneself, have it be becoming obtaining financial freedom, getting in shape, or learning a skill like coding, but the most important thing to remember about self-improvement is that it is a mindset, a mindset about making your life better and happier, at Royale Academy I will help you improve yourself .

Coding Is The Most Blissful Job And Why You Care?

Coding… Something everyone has at least considered in the past have it be those really cool hackers in movies or the pay which depending can be absolutely obscene.

As a start let’s get this out-of-the-way coding can be very difficult but due to its internet presence and ability to learn it for free makes it very appealing you just have to put in the work, that being said the national average salary for Python Programming according to  ZipRecruiter is $111,557 … yes 111,557.

Now that we got the amazing stuff out-of-the-way we should bring this back down to reality this is for people who are extremely good at programming in Python, The general consensus for how long it takes to master Python is 1 year to 3 years… okay I can’t lie this is obscenely good most occupations that pay this well such as a physician need 3 to 7 years of school or doctors which probably make a decent bit more but they are dragged down by college debt, and while this s more of a deduction and not a set fact in the field of programming your accomplishments and skill are generally more important than what school you went to or if you even went to one so if you can get good enough you can be payed extremely well with hypothetically no years of college needed, you only need a will to improve and a bit of time.


Now I know what your thinking oh no these were two positive things therefore this one is gonna be negative well first off good deduction because the last paragraph was supposed to be negative but after concluding my research it was just good.


Now here is the best thing about programming… entrepreneurship, with coding you can make your own apps or websites or even games… in other words you can code something once and sell it repeatedly for little cost to you since its not physical… let me repeat that you are selling something for as much as you want and having it cost you nothing… yeah so if you just wanna work a 9-5 this job is amazing, if you wanna build something and leave a legacy for this world this is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.

Now now I know what some of you coders out there is thinking, “you only said the pay rate of python coders on avg”. Well there’s a reason for that… it is widely accepted that Python is the easiest coding langauge to learn and one of the most versatile, in other words its the coding langauge that when you are first stating out should learn…so thoese new to the community can have a successful and prosperous life.

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If this isn’t enough to convince you should at least consider learning to code then I don’t really know what will, you have high pay, high potential, are only bound by your creativity, though if there is any points that I havent made for or against coding do me a favor and comment down below telling me what it is so I can add it into the Article.

Until Next Time Peace Out -Royale Academy