About Me

I enjoy helping others in whatever way I can which is why you’re here and I’m here with you.

Disclosure: While I do devote a large amount of my time studying in psychology i do not posses or own any certificate or degree from any company  or group that qualifies me as a psychologist. To rephrase that I do not have a college degree or anything relating to or similar  to a degree from any company or group. I am not certified in any shape or form as a professional psychologist, scientist, or any other field/ occupation.


My passion for psychology and science began when I was a kid and began seeing the world, the corruption, the sickness, the death, so I decided I’ll do everything I can to try to make it at least just a little bit better,  and since then I’ve been working on myself so that one day I can help improve you.  All I ask from you is to help me make this world  a bit brighter and share Sane Psychology with those you care about to help them improve their lives. I thank you for your time and wish your day shall be truly magnificent – Damian Royale aka Royale Academy